Tear Off & Reroof – Spokane Valley, WA

August 24, 2011

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New Heights Roofing recently completed a tear off & re-roof in Spokane Valley just off Highway 27. The house had 1 layer of 3-tab shingles on it that were getting aged and ready to come off. The house was not leaking yet, so they caught it before it had gone too far. 

After tearing off the roof on the upper section of the house, we found that a lot of the sheathing had dry rot and was too weak to re-use. We had to tear up all the sheathing on that section of the roof and replace it with 7/16″ OSB. The dry rot was likely caused by a lack of attic ventilation and a poorly placed bathroom exhaust fan pipe.

We ended up cutting in over twice as many vents as there were originally, going from just 6 vents to 14 total. This will help keep the attic from building up moisture and prevent the growth of mold inside.