Roof Replacement – E Lagrande Ln, Harrison, ID – Malarkey Legacy in Midnight Black with Ridge Vent

May 18, 2023

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Keith’s home on E Lagrande Ln in Harrison, ID needed a roof replacement. The existing shingles had reached the end of their lifespan, and it was time for an upgrade to protect the beautiful home. Our team at the roofing company was ready for the task, eager to ensure the new roof would provide years of reliable protection.

We began by carefully protecting the home and surrounding areas before tearing off the multiple layers of existing shingles. After the tear-off process, we inspected the plywood deck and prepped it for the new materials. Our team then installed the high-quality Malarkey Secure Start Plus Synthetic Felt underlayment and Epilay Plystik Ice Shield to help prevent ice dams and water infiltration. We also added the ice shield to all valleys for extra protection.

Next, we installed the Malarkey Legacy shingles in Midnight Black, using 6 nails per shingle instead of the standard 4 for added durability. The black drip edge and flashings were installed for a cohesive look and improved water management. We also replaced the 1″-3″ painted pipe flashings for a more secure seal.

To enhance the home’s ventilation system, we cut in a slot for the ridge vent and installed the LOR9-4 Ridge Vent. This improved ventilation will help extend the life of the roof and make the home more energy-efficient. Our team also installed Malarkey RidgeFlex and SmartStart Starter to ensure a strong and durable roof edge.

With the roofing installation complete, we moved on to the final touches. We installed permanent anchors, which are hidden but will provide a secure attachment point in the future without damaging the roof. The gutters and downspouts were replaced to complete the project.

The new roof on Keith’s home not only looks fantastic but also provides reliable protection and improved energy efficiency. The Malarkey Legacy shingles, along with the upgraded underlayment, ridge vent, and flashings, will ensure that this roof lasts for many years to come. The 4/12 pitch of the roof and the 17 squares of shingles installed give the home a sleek, modern look.

At New Heights Roofing, we take pride in our work and the satisfaction of our customers. Keith’s roof replacement project in Harrison, ID was a great example of our dedication to quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.