Roof Replacement – Bremington St, Post Falls, ID – Malarkey Highlander in Natural Wood with Brown Flashings & L750 Roof Vent

May 19, 2023

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Jean from Post Falls, ID, had a roof that needed some attention. She had previously hired another company to take care of her roofing needs, but they didn’t show up on time, which led her to look for a more reliable option. That’s when she found our team, and we were more than happy to take on the challenge.

The project was a roof replacement on a beautiful home with a moderately complex design and a 6/12 pitch. There were two hips and two valleys that needed special attention, and some missing metal fascia wrap and soffit. Our team ensured that all necessary materials, including 8 to 10 LF of fascia wrap and soffit, were taken care of during the job.

We started by protecting the home and tarping the area, as the weather permitted. Our crew carefully removed one layer of existing shingles and prepped the plywood deck. Throughout the project, we made sure to use high-quality synthetic underlayment and ice shield for the best protection against leaks.

The Malarkey Highlander shingles in Natural Wood were installed, using six nails per shingle instead of the required four for added strength. The brown flashings, including D-style drip metal, end wall flashing, and step flashing, were replaced as well, ensuring a seamless and durable finish.

To ensure proper ventilation, we installed L750 roof vents, which contribute to a more energy-efficient home. The Malarkey RidgeFlex ridge cap was used to provide a strong and visually appealing finish. In total, our team installed 21.4 squares of shingles, ensuring that Jean’s roof was built to last.

The roof’s complexity and pitch didn’t slow our team down, and we managed to complete the project in a timely manner. Jean was thrilled with the results, and we were proud to provide her with a dependable and aesthetically pleasing roofing solution.

In the end, Jean’s new roof not only enhanced the curb appeal of her lovely home but also provided her with the protection and peace of mind she deserved. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to work with her and deliver a top-notch roof replacement that exceeded her expectations.