Roof of the Week – Rathdrum, Idaho – Rolled Steel Products Inc. Metal Roof Replacement

February 28, 2024

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The New Heights Roofing team was recently in Rathdrum, replacing a shingle roof just off of Highway 53. The property owner inquired about installing a metal roof after experiencing some troublesome leaks, and we were ready to provide a solution.

After a thorough assessment, it became evident that a complete replacement was necessary.

While shingle roofs typically make up the majority of our roofing projects, that certainly doesn’t mean that metal roofs aren’t just as important to us. Using Rolled Steel Products Inc. material out of Spokane, our certified roofers were able to quickly and professionally strip the old shingles from the structure and replace them with a standing seam metal roof system. This process also involved removing and reinstalling the pre-existing gutter systems.

Despite chilly temperatures, consistent winds, and wet conditions, our crews were able to complete the full tear-off and replacement of this roof in less than a week.