May 2019 – E Lakeside Avenue In Coeur D’Alene, ID – Malarkey Highlander NEX In ‘Black Oak’

May 16, 2019

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Two layers of shingle, old construction, moss overgrowth, a terrible ridge vent product, several leaks and moisture issues.. this is going to be a fun one!!

Upon tearing off the multiple layers of shingle and felt, we were greeted with a real treat – this will make your skin crawl.. or in Erik’s case, make you dance around on the roof like a little school girl!! Flying carpenter ants had totally infested this house. The shiplap deck and trusses were in terrible shape, and nearly all of it needed replaced.

Tear-off isn’t the best job in the world, but someone has to do it!! What’s hiding in your roof? Call New Heights Roofing to find out!!

BEFORE: Front of the home, absolutely destroyed.

AFTER: Front of the home, much better now!! Our favorite, Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield installed 6 feet up all eaves, 3 feet in all valleys and at all roof-to-wall intersections. This is the best way to prevent leaks from ice damming in the future!! 

At a 6/12 pitch, the main house took shingles – but the flat patio cover in the back of the home was roofed with heavy duty TPO. All seams are welded and this stuff does an awesome job of keeping things dry underneath. Regular shingle isn’t meant for flat roofs, as ice and water will pool and freeze behind them and cause leaks.

Now that insulation is dropped and baffles and new plywood are installed, this ridge vent will do a great job allowing air to circulate at the roof. Snow and ice dams will be no test for this New Heights Roofing five-layer valley.

Malarkey Highlander NEX in the ‘Black Oak’ color makes for a beautiful roof – one of our favorite colors. It complimented the home well, and this full home renovation in Coeur d’Alene is well on its way.