May 2019 – E Hayden View Drive In Coeur D’Alene, ID – Malarkey Highlander NEX In ‘Midnight Black’

May 13, 2019

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Uh oh.. but no worries!! This homeowner called New Heights Roofing before rainy season hit north Idaho hardest!

Moss isn’t the end of the world, but having this much is definitely a concern. Overgrowth will ruin the shingle seal, create lift, trap moisture, and allow water to get to the roof deck. Even if you don’t see leaks inside the house, I can guarantee you moisture is getting in there somewhere!

The homeowners had multiple leaks coming into the home, ruining their tongue and groove ceilings. The culprit: aging, deteriorating shingles, ridge cap, flashing and skylights. Time to get to work!

After finding tons of rotten plywood from years of leaking, we ended up re-sheeting over half the home. This isn’t typical, but may be something needing taken care of if venting is poor and moisture is lingering. Before re-sheeting, the crew installed baffles to keep the insulation down to improve airflow from the soffit up through the ridge. Without taking this extra step, the same thing would probably happen again with the next roof. Air circulation (intake and exhaust) at the roof deck is absolutely vital!!

Per usual, the New Heights Roofing crew installs Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield onto the roof deck to help prevent from leaking ice dams – 6 feet up all eaves, 3 feet in all valleys, at all roof-to-wall intersections, and around all pipes, vents, skylights and chimneys. This is the way to go!! We installed Titanium synthetic underlayment on the remainder of the roof as a vapor barrier and base layer for the shingle.

Excuse our sawdust – but this brand new VELUX skylight is awesome. Instead of sticking with a piece of glass with makeshift flashing around the edges to keep water out for another 30 years, we installed this custom skylight to do the job. The roof-to-wall flashing, step flashing and back pan on this skylight are all brand new to match.

New Heights Roofing chimneys are top-notch. We don’t step down the chimney with misshapen, galvanized metal – our install includes new roof-to-wall flashing, step flashing and custom 6″ chimney counterflashing. A typical chimney has a deep back pan that we install behind, but this one is built into the ridge, a little bit more tricky. Flex seal is used to prevent any water from penetrating the chimney at the cuts along the brick.

One step flashing per shingle at a former leak spot along the wall – an absolute must.

A close-up on our five-layer valleys and continuous ridge vent. These valleys will never leak and the venting will allow maximum air flow for the roof deck.

Finishing touches..

..and a view! We won’t forget putting an awesome roof on this amazing home on Hayden Lake.