June 2019 – N Stevens Street, Rathdrum, ID – Certainteed Landmark PRO In ‘Moire Black’ MAX DEF

June 27, 2019

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If you are looking for roofers in Rathdrum, look no further! This construction from the mid 1990s will be replaced with something that stands up better to wind and moss, two elements that have beat this system up over time. There were a lot of loose and missing shingles, cracked vents, exposed nails and moss-ridden areas on this roof. 

In addition to our high-capacity dump trailer, our ‘Equipter’ lift trailer helps us with a more efficient, cleaner and safer tear-off. We bring heavy tarps and magnets to every job to make sure nothing is left behind.

The plywood on this home is in excellent condition after 20+ years. After all shingles, felt, flashing, venting and nails are removed, but before we begin our dry in, the City of Rathdrum comes out for a roof deck inspection. Make sure your contractor is ordering building permits and scheduling all required inspections!

All dried in! Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield and Roof Runner synthetic underlayment will do a fine job preventing leaks in the future from heavy rains and severe ice damming.

Since there were already 10 vent holes for can vents and the plywood was in such good condition, the homeowner decided to have new can vents installed instead of switching over to ridge vent. These new can vents are metal instead of plastic, and they will allow for plenty of air to move up and out of the attic. This will manage heat and moisture in the summer, and control ice melt in the winter.

Re-constructed valleys with Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield, galvanized valley metal and three layers of shingle, and a new finish atop the peak with CertainTeed Mountain Ridge for a high-profile look. CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO in ‘Moire Black’ is sleek and has more definition than a standard roof – looks great!