June 2019 – E Park Lane In Post Falls, ID – Malarkey Highlander NEX In ‘Black Oak’

June 13, 2019

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As you can probably tell – this roof wasn’t even that old!! The homeowner had just paid for a new roof in the last 10 years, but failures on behalf of the previous roofing contractor and the materials they used have caused serious functional and aesthetic problems. This shingle, manufactured by IKO, is a bottom-of-the-barrel building material. Just after 5 years, the shingles are no longer sealed, they have contracted high amounts of moss on the bottom edges (where the shingles seal), and have abundant granule loss.

The IKO brand ice shield stuck down to the plywood deck, but didn’t seal around any of the nails.. no good!! New Heights Roofing refuses to buy any ice shield from shingle manufacturers – we only install Epilay Plystik Plus to ensure that EVERYTHING on the roof is sealed properly to protect from rain, snow and ice melt.

The previous roofing contractor used Cor-A-Vent venting product on the ridge, and it’s also no good!! We were very excited to install something new on this home to improve ventilation.

This is what happens when you have a combination of low-grade shingle, ice shield and venting product on your roof. The plywood is completely black and moldy – this smells terrible and it is unhealthy to breath in day-to-day!! All of this plywood needs replaced, the attic needs treated, and the venting will be overhauled.

Much better! All new plywood on the home, mold taken care of, and the wave is gone! The moldy, rotten curb holding the skylight has been re-built, as well.

New ice shield, new flashing and new shingle.

Shinglevent II by CertainTeed is a huge improvement on the venting for this home. Since the ridge won’t be smashed down, clogged with debris and taking on water, air will be circulating positively to keep the roof deck cool in the summer, manage moisture, and help prevent heavy melt and damage from ice damming in the winter.

A brand new VELUX skylight with proper flashing is a nice finish on the roof. They are energy efficient and provide plenty of natural light for the inside of the home.

Another new VELUX skylight, and the Malarkey Highlander NEX shingle in ‘Black Oak’ looks fantastic. This color blend is becoming a homeowner favorite.

Why not! Despite the work to be done, this was one of our favorite jobs of the year. Everything turned out great!