Dry Rot Repair & Re-Roof – Twin Lakes, WA

August 24, 2011

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This roofing project in Twin Lakes was an existing roof that just needed a portion repaired. The roof was about 18 years old and this particular section had not been vented at all. This led to extensive mold and dry rot in the affected area.

It’s hard to see in the small picture, but the roof was visibly sagging in places where the dry rot had almost completed deteriorated the OSB sheathing underneath. Not only that, but we also found a lot of red ant nests inside the attic space itself!

All of the old shingle and OSB was torn off and replaced with new. Vent holes were cut so they straddled the rafters as this area has cathedral ceilings. New Pabco Premier Weathered White was installed and weaved with the existing shingle to complete the job.

Several nearby shingles were also replaced as they were either damaged or not fastened properly and falling off the roof.