Coeur D’ Alene Roof Replacement – Single Layer Tear Off, Chimney Reflash And Sheeting Replacement, Certainteed Landmark In Georgetown Grey

July 3, 2015

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When this homeowner saw shingles coming off their roof, they contacted us to see what could be done. Unfortunately, this roof was past its life and desperately needed replacing. The tree in front of the home was hanging over and causing issues with debris. There was also an extensive moss problem and some rusting of metal.

The homeowner had the tree removed before we came back to start the roof replacement which was a good call on their part – having trees or bushes up against the roof of your house can cause molding and moss issues as well as let critters on to your roof. Its always best to keep them trimmed back to keep your home free of debris.

The metal vents on this roof and the flashing by the chimney had been damaged as well from exposure. These would all have to be changed out. The chimney flashing wasn’t properly fitted, so it was allowing water to back up into the home.

All of the rubber pipe fittings/boots on the home were cracking. Because these are damaged, there is nothing stopping the water that hits this pipe. This is leaking directly into the home.

The shingles on this home were also at the end of their lifespan. Many were missing, most were cracked and had severe granule loss.

Once the shingles were torn off the roof, all of the plywood sheeting on this home had to be replaced, because it was in such poor condition. After completely replacing this roof and all of its defects, this homeowner is now left with a quality job that includes a Lifetime Guarantee on both workmanship and material. They no longer have to worry about any leaks in this roof… For life!

The shingle installed on this home is Landmark in Georgetown Grey.