April 2019 – N Vogt Road In Hauser, ID – Certainteed Landmark In ‘Driftwood’

April 29, 2019

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After being buried in snow for over two months, it feels great to be roofing in north Idaho again! Convoy Supply has loaded our next roof with CertainTeed Landmark shingles, and we are ready to roll. If you’re looking for roofers in Hauser, you’ve found the right guys!

Two of the best underlayments that money can buy lay the foundation for our new roof deck. Epilay Plystik Plus is installed 6 feet up all eaves and 3 feet in all valleys and at roof-to-wall intersections; CertainTeed Roof Runner vapor barrier covers the rest. We don’t install this colorway quite often, and that’s too bad! This roof is already looking fantastic.

The homeowner is in the process of replacing all the siding on his home, so it’s easy to place and install the new metal step flashing on this roof deck. You can see we’ve nailed one per row of shingle.

All pipe flashings, stem vent flashings and B-vent flashings have been replaced with new. All are fastened with leak-proof, gasketed screws.

Some more detail work by New Heights Roofing – all new CertainTeed ridge cap shingle, gasketed screws to prevent blow-off and leaks, and 5-layer California-style valleys.

A much-needed beautiful roof for a property with a beautiful view! This was a fun project for the crew and we were happy with how everything turned out.

Another look at the CertainTeed Landmark architectural-style shingles in ‘Driftwood’. This product has a 130-MPH wind warranty and should last 30+ years.