April 2019 – N Kelly Rae Drive In Hayden, ID – Certainteed Landmark In ‘Moire Black’

April 23, 2019

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If you are looking for roofers in Hayden, look no further! This project was part of a real estate transaction – in order to get the deal done, we fit the clients into our schedule to make it happen!

The home is trading hands, so it’s a perfect time to come in and do work while no one is living on the property. Even though it will only be a two-day job, we’ll be able to work without being in the way. This roof has massive granule loss, lots of patch work from blow-off and damaged tabs and quite a bit of moss accumulation.Not good! It’s time to go.With only staining from the old tar paper, the roof deck is solid enough to live through the next roof. All nails, staples and flashings have been pulled from the plywood to ensure that the new roofing system can be installed properly.Field shingles being installed. Looking good so far!New metal can vents were installed to improve air circulation in the garage. CertainTeed ridge cap gives the new roof a nice finish at the top.The ‘Moire Black’ color in the CertainTeed Landmark shingle line has been really popular lately!Extra work goes a long way – we install a new piece of metal step flashing for every row of shingle at the wall intersections. This allows the roof to shed water easier and will help prevent leaks down the road.A close-up look at the new metal attic vents. These will provide more air flow for the roof deck so the home and garage can breathe.Wow – 24 hours makes a huge difference! This job was done timely and well. We were really proud of this project! The home looks totally different with a new roof.