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June 2019 – E Rivercrest Drive, Post Falls, ID – Malarkey Highlander NEX In ‘Storm Grey’

This PABCO roof isn’t primarily characterized by the usual issues we find with the shingle (severe granule loss, fiberglass exposure and laminate slipping), but a poor installation, significant ice damming, numerous patch jobs, moss growth and seal issues have us out for a visit.

A prime example of why a full tear-off is ALWAYS a good idea. Even if damage isn’t evident before replacing the roof, that doesn’t mean that water hasn’t been getting in where you can’t see it. This plywood is a total mess and needs replaced. All of this moisture and rot would have been buried with a layover.

This dry-in with the top-notch Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield and Roof Runner synthetic underlayment will keep the new roof deck dry. Here, you can see six feet of coverage up from the eave and three feet of coverage in the valley. This will protect from ice damming and build up in the valleys.

Home protection was very important to this homeowner. He had brand new landscaping, lawn treatment and a Japanese Maple to pay close attention to. The roof is fully torn off and dried in, and we leave the home as we found it at the end of each day. Taking 8,000+ pounds of crumbling material off a roof without making a mess is a challenge, but we do our best!

As with all of our roofs, everything was replaced in the overhaul – shingle, ice shield, synthetic underlayment, step flashing, roof-to-wall flashing, drip metal, valley metal, starter shingle, ridge cap, pipe flashings, vent flashings and all attic ventilation.

A close-up look at the Malarkey Highlander NEX shingles in ‘Storm Grey’ and a new flashing on this plumbing pipe. We use a gasketed screw to seal down instead of a nail – it is less likely to back out and is more resistant to leaks over time.

Valleys are prone to damage from heavy rains and severe ice damming in the winter, and that’s why we over-build in all our jobs. The New Heights Roofing 5-layer valley is comprised of Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield, galvanized valley metal, the first deck of shingles ran through the center, a vertical ‘bleeder’ row of shingles, and the top deck to finish. No cuts and no nails in the valley!

The ‘Storm Grey’ color is our crew’s favorite, and it looks great on this home. Malarkey is one of the best performing and best looking shingles on the market – if not the best in both categories. Visit to explore the rest of their products, like the Vista and Legacy XL architectural-style shingles.