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New Heights Roofing is your go-to source for expert gutter installation services in Spokane Valley, WA. With over 20 years of business serving Spokane Valley, we’re committed to delivering unmatched quality and durability in our gutter solutions. Our specialty lies in seamless gutters, designed to safeguard your home against water damage while enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring long-lasting functionality.

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are increasingly favored by Spokane Valley homeowners for several key reasons:

  • Leak Prevention: The continuous design and seamless construction significantly reduces the likelihood of leaks.
  • Tailored Fit: Custom-made to match your home’s exact measurements, ensuring optimal performance and a flawless look.
  • Visual Appeal: The sleek, uninterrupted design of seamless gutters adds a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior while protecting it at the same time.
  • Lasting Durability: Constructed from premium materials, these gutters are built to endure the test of time and our harsh weather.


    The crew was there bright and early, ready to work, every morning. The communication throughout the entire process was amazing.

    Mataya Rose

    They were straight forward during our initial meeting and offered good quality material and service for a mid tier price.

    Jacob Carter

    Along with the 40-year manufacturer’s warranty for the shingles, New Heights offered a lifetime warranty on the workmanship. We are very satisfied!

    Jennifer Webber

    Our experience with New Heights Roofing was professional, thorough, expedited, and low stress.

    Larry Nipp

    New Heights was seriously a breath of fresh air. Our attic looks good and we are very satisfied with the work completed.

    Rachel Averett

    They communicated well and conducted the necessary repairs and roof replacement in a timely manner.

    Kari Fisher

    We just had our roof replaced, very professional service from start to finish. Thanks for making this very complicated job so seamless.

    Bill Pelka

    New Heights Roofing did an excellent job during the entire process of getting a new roof installed on my 1923-built house.

    Steve Harris

    The entire team was professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with!

    Brad Thompson

    They helped us negotiate with our insurance company, making the whole process as smooth and pain-free as possible.

    Ann Gillum

Our Gutter Installation Process Is Tailored To Spokane Valley

At New Heights Roofing, our specialty is 5″ K-style aluminum gutters which are known for their strength, durability, and long life. Here’s what we’ll do when you give us a call to look at your gutter project:

Personalized Assessment

We begin with a detailed evaluation of your home, considering factors like the roof’s dimensions, slope, and the specific climate conditions of Spokane Valley. This enables us to recommend the ideal gutter system for your needs.

On-Site Custom Fabrication

We custom-craft our seamless gutters right at your location to guarantee a perfect fit. Our choice of aluminum is not only rust-resistant but also capable of supporting the weight of snow and ice, which is crucial in Spokane Valley.

Expert Installation

Our skilled team ensures your gutters are securely fastened with a mounting system that you can’t see from the ground, giving the most seamless look possible. We carefully set the correct slope for efficient drainage and thoroughly seal all joints to prevent any leaks far into the future.

Quality Assurance

We conduct a comprehensive inspection post-installation to ensure your gutters are flawlessly installed and fully operational. Additionally, we offer maintenance advice to help you keep your gutters in prime condition.

Why Choose New Heights Roofing For Your Gutter Needs?

What you get when you choose us for your gutter installation in Spokane Valley:

  • Guaranteed Workmanship: We back our work with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Local Expertise: As a locally owned and operated company, we have experience and knowledge of the unique weather patterns in Spokane Valley and tailor our services to withstand all of it.
  • Proven Excellence: Our A+ BBB rating, 4.9 Google rating (275+ Reviews), and accolades as Idaho’s best for the region in 2023 speak volumes about our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Additional Spokane Valley Gutter Services

Beyond just installing new seamless gutters, we offer a bunch of other services to keep your gutters working great:

Gutter Repairs: Sometimes, gutters can get damaged. They might have small leaks or big problems. We can fix all of that for you. If your gutters are sagging or pulling away from your house, we can make them right again. We’ll check everything out and fix any holes, cracks, or parts that aren’t working well.

Gutter Cleaning: It’s important to keep your gutters clean so water can flow through them easily. If leaves, sticks, and other stuff get stuck in your gutters, it can cause problems. We clean out all that junk for you. We’ll make sure your gutters are super clean so they can do their job right.

Gutter Guards: Do you want to keep your gutters clean for a longer time? We can put in gutter guards. These are special covers that go on top of your gutters. They keep out leaves and other things that can clog your gutters. With gutter guards, you won’t have to clean your gutters as often. Plus, they help protect your gutters from getting damaged.

Navigating Spokane Valley’s Unique Weather

Spokane Valley’s climate presents distinct challenges for gutter systems. Our winters are known for heavy snowfall, which can strain gutters, while the varied precipitation in other seasons can lead to blockages if gutters are not well-maintained. Our gutter solutions are designed with these local conditions in mind, ensuring resilience and efficiency.

Common Questions About Gutters in Spokane Valley, WA

Q: How frequently should I clean my gutters in Spokane Valley?

A: We suggest cleaning your gutters at least twice annually, in spring and autumn, to avoid blockages and water damage.

Q: Can heavy snowfall harm my gutters?

A: Yes, the weight of substantial snowfall can damage gutters. Our robust mounting system is engineered to mitigate the risk of damage from snow accumulation.

Q: Are gutter guards necessary?

A: While not mandatory, gutter guards are beneficial in areas with significant tree coverage. They help keep your gutters free from debris, reducing the need for regular cleaning.

Q: What is the lifespan of seamless gutters?

A: Properly installed and maintained seamless aluminum gutters can last upwards of 20 years.

Q: What sets New Heights Roofing apart from other gutter installers?

A: Our unwavering commitment to quality, our comprehensive lifetime workmanship warranty, and our deep understanding of the local climate distinguish us. Our seamless gutters are also custom-fitted to your home for superior performance.

Maintaining Your Seamless Gutters

To maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your seamless gutters, consider these maintenance tips:

  • Consistent Cleaning: Clear out leaves, twigs, and other debris to prevent blockages and ensure smooth water flow.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically examine your gutters for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or sagging sections.
  • Prune Nearby Trees: Trim branches near your roof and gutters to minimize debris accumulation.
  • Check Downspouts: Ensure downspouts are directing water away from your foundation to avert water damage.