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May 2019 – W Courtland Avenue, Spokane, WA – Certainteed Landmark In ‘Moire Black’

Going into Spokane is always a real treat, especially when faced with steep faces, multiple layers and uneven construction. A typical roofing job takes us anywhere from 2-3 days, but something like this will take a full work week, maybe a bit more.

Previous homeowners didn’t want to take care of the tear-off, so this roof has three layers that need torn off. Three layers means more shingle, more underlayment, more fasteners, more dump fees, more work, more money, more everything. Everything except more fun! Additional layers is a lot more weight and mess on the roof. This makes leaks and other problems harder to identify, and you can’t get down to the decking to replace rotten wood, bad flashing and improper venting.

This house from the early 1900s isn’t exactly square.. we are going to re-sheet it and do our absolute best with framing fixes to get a great install. If the roof deck on your home is shiplap or tongue and groove, there is a good chance we will have to re-sheet the entire home – but this isn’t always the case. We find plywood on homes dating back to the 1940s, but usually have much more luck finding it on builds from the 1970s and later.

Much better! The crew is piecing this one together with new plywood, and the Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield will serve as a high-grade barrier from the elements for the lifetime of the roof. This product will be installed 6 feet up all eaves, 3 feet in all valleys, and at all roof-to-wall intersections. This is best practice to protect from leaks!

Shingle is starting to go on the home now – but everything must be done from 1×6 boards and roof jacks with ropes and anchors for safety. This slows everything down, as you can’t move around on the roof or set things down without modified setup, but it’s the only way to get things done.

Another New Heights Roofing 5-layer valley – new plywood, Epilay Plystik Plus ice shield, galvanized valley metal, the lower deck of shingles, a bleeder row of shingles, and the top deck of shingles will come through afterwards. Notice our ice shield preparation on the pipe, there. Tough work!

Another successful job for the New Heights Roofing crew! A home transformation is underway in Spokane. The CertainTeed Landmark shingle in ‘Moire Black’ has totally changed the look of the property.