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January 2019 – N Marabou Drive In Hayden, ID – Certainteed Landmark In ‘Black Walnut’

If you are looking for roofers in Hayden, look no further! The proof is in the pudding – don’t use four nails per shingle, or the tabs aren’t going to stick around as long as they should.

This home had tons of missing shingles from wind storms, and the granule loss was so bad that the tabs barely had any strength left – definitely in need of a full roof replacement.

New Heights Roofing website ‘Easter Egg’: if you an name which roofing install method will prevent this damage on the siding from happening, you will receive $250 off your roofing bid with us!

Although it’s a little dirty at construction finish, the roof underwent quite a transformation in just a matter of days. Those flimsy, 3-tab shingles are gone, and we’ve replaced them with Landmark, an architectural-style shingle by CertainTeed.

All pipe flashings, stem vent flashings and b-vent flashings on this roof have been replaced. A gasketed screw is a step above using nails that will back out, take on water, rust, and allow for potential leaks.

To reduce granule loss and improve circulation on this roofing system, we installed CertainTeed Shinglevent II. Specialized ridge cap is hand-nailed on top to prevent blow off.