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This skylight did a pretty good job keeping water out, but was towards the end of it’s life and wasn’t installed quite properly. When the home was built, the contractor simply placed a piece of glass over a wood-made curb, then fashioned metal around it and caulked the seams. We have much better plans for skylights! 

This VELUX 2×2 skylight is a great replacement. All flashing, including roof-to-wall, back pan, step flashing and counter flashing are all custom. The new skylight is sleek, free of moisture, and will probably outlast the roof itself. It’s water-tight, allows plenty of sunlight to come in, and also has gasketed screws instead of nails in the exposed flashing areas. This is an exemplary install for skylights. 

As always, all existing flashings have been removed from the roof (good condition or not), and replaced with new. This new B-vent flashing and storm collar look great against the new roof, and will help keep water out in a leak-prone area. Clients also have the option to have the vents painted to match the color of the roof!

The old, rusty step flashing that was bent up and full of holes has been removed, and replaced with new. New Heights Roofing always installs one step flashing for every shingle to help prevent water from getting to the plywood or into the home at the sidewall intersection. If not done properly, this can be a devastating entry for water to damage drywall or other finished interior portions of the home. 

CertainTeed ShingleVent II was installed to help mitigate moisture problems and premature granule loss with the new roof. This will fully vent the attic, keep the home a buit cooler, and lower the risk of damage from ice damming in the winter. CertainTeed Shadow Ridge ridge cap is installed over the top.

A better look at the shingle chosen by the homeowner, CertainTeed Landmark in the ‘Moire Black’ color. It looks clean, adds contrast to the color scheme, and accentuates the roof line on this home.