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This roof had the classic, unplanned 3-tab mosaic. After years of leak issues and multiple repairs, the homeowners decided it was time for an overhaul.

Finished product! CertainTeed Landmark TL (Triple Layer) in the ‘Shenandoah’ color. A thick and heavy, painted-to-match W-style metal in the valleys allows a nice channel for water to travel, while it is reinforced underneath by Epilay Plystick Plus, a top-notch ice and water shield. 

Rather than re-installing can vents, the homeowner decided to go with our option which will maximize airflow under the roof deck. The ridge vent product installed here (CertainTeed Shinglevent II) will provide more than four times the amount of circulation that the system used to have. This will allow the shingle to breathe during the summer (prolonging it’s life, and keeping the attic cooler) and will help prevent loads of ice melt during the winter months. This is a nice preventative measure against ice dams. The vent has a bug filter underneath, is plugged on the ends, and has baffles all along the sides to keep wind from blowing debris up into the vent. The homeowner also selected a high-profile ridge (CertainTeed Mountain Ridge) to finish the top of their new roof. It looks great, is more durable, and will last longer than a traditional ridge cap fashioned from a 3-tab shingle or a low-profile ridge. 

A new flashing was installed around a plumbing pipe. All step flashing, roof-to-wall flashing, B-vent flashings, and plumbing pipe flashings were removed and replaced with new ones. Notice a gasketed screw has been used to prevent water from entering on a raised nail in the future.