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Our California-style valleys are a highlight on this roof. One of the most leak-prone areas on any roof is the valley (many of the repair calls we get are for leaks in poorly-done valleys). To prevent water from getting in and to keep the valley stable, New Heights Roofing installs top-notch ice shield and 29-gauge steel before installing shingle. The right deck runs through the valley first, then we run a vertical row of shingle on top. To finish, we bring the left deck over the other two layers.

We don’t re-use any materials from existing roofs – here’s a closer look at some new RVO38 can vents, which allow for air circulation on the roof deck and in the attic. Before building, we always determine attic space and size of the roof to ensure we install enough ventilation. These will help keep the home cooler during the summer, will prolong the life of the shingle, manage moisture year-round, and keep the attic cool during the winter to help mitigate the risk of ice damming.

A better look at the roof after install. The products used here are CertainTeed Landmark shingle (in the Reshawn Shake color), CertainTeed Shadow Ridge ridge cap, and new flashing on all B-vents (furnace pipes), plumbing pipes and any roof-to-wall intersections. RVO38 can vents line the ridge.

Brown is not a color we install too often, but it was a great choice for the homeowner. She was going for a beach-like theme, and the sandy color went well with her blue tones on the rest of the house. This 26-square roof was torn off and re-installed in just a single day, thanks to our awesome crew.