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With four layers of roofing that had to be torn off (1 layer of wood shake and 3 layers of asphalt shingles) and all new plywood (7/16″ OSB) since it was skip-sheeted underneath, this home was quite the project!

This home had a few roofing issues that we had to deal with. One of the first things we needed to address (besides the insane amount of shingles!) was the bigger chimney on the house. A chimney this size needs to have what we call a “cricket” built behind it to divert water so it does not get caught and pool up behind the chimney. In freezing weather, this can create an ice dam and cause damage to the roof. Unfortunately, the previous roofers did not do this and instead sealed this chimney with an overabundance of tar and even shingled the back side of it. We ripped all of this out and built a cricket to make sure no damage happened to the new roof.

Both of the chimneys in this home were in desperate need of some new flashing. We removed all tar and the old, worn-out metal and installed new step flashing and counter flashing. Not only did this ensure that the chimneys were watertight, but they sure did look a lot better without all that tar.

After tearing off all the shingles, putting down plywood, and laying down Landmark Granite Grey shingles, this home is now safe from any future leaks and looking sharp.

Watch our guys do the work on this house with our timelapse video: