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If you haven’t thought about your roof for awhile, it’s probably time for an inspection. Noticing a small problem early on can keep it from changing into a big problem later on.

Simple things like pine needles, leaves, and tree debris can start problems that will greatly shorten the lifespan of your roof. A hole just the size of a pinhead can slowly and silently turn your attic black with mold, and start rotting wood away. Small leaks almost always get bigger and will leave behind a trail of destruction in the form of soaking-wet insulation, disintegrating drywall, and bubbled, flaking paint in your home.

The worse the weather is, the more damage can occur, and here in Coeur d’Alene we get hit with some of the craziest weather around. Getting your roof inspected before there’s a problem is a smart move.

Your first option is to get a home inspector to come out, but they charge nominal fees and take a general look at your entire home. Plus, since home inspectors don’t live and breathe roofing, they are likely to miss important things on the roof. I’ve personally seen home inspectors miss some glaring problems during home sales that would have cost the to-be homeowners a lot of money if we hadn’t caught them.

Your second option: Call almost any roofing company and get a “Free Inspection.” But as the old adage goes “You get what you pay for.” And most of these free inspections you’ll get are worth about what you pay.

If you have someone come out to your home to give you a free inspection it’s likely you’re going to get a free sales pitch instead. I can almost guarantee they are going to try to sell you something, because it’s not free to them to drive out to your home and spend time not making any money.

They will hop up on the roof, look for evidence that could convince you that you need a repair or to replace your roof, then proceed to sell you said service.

What we’ve decided to do instead is charge a reasonable fee for our roof inspections. This way, we can take our time to provide a lot more value, without the added pressure that we need to sell you something to make up for our time.

In fact, it’s so much more than just a roof inspection, that we’ve decided to give it a new name. We call it our Roof Performance Audit. Because there is a lot more to making your home leak-free than just a roof inspection.

Here’s what you get when you hire us to do a Roof Performance Audit (we serve Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Post Falls, and the surrounding areas)

  1. 43-point inspection of all your roof’s major systems that keep water from running into your home. ($195 value)
    • The overall condition of your shingles and ridge cap
    • Your roof ventilation system
    • The flashings where your roof meets the walls of your home
    • Your gutters (if you have them)
    • Your chimneys (One of the most common leak areas)
    • Your skylights (Another common leak spot)
    • Your attic (we’ll make sure you have no active leaks or signs of damage)
  2. Detailed, custom report stating everything we found in our roof inspection – PLUS lots of pictures so you can see what we saw ($175 value)
    • We’ll write up a 7-10 page report customized to your home so you can have concrete evidence of any repairs that need to be done, or to confirm the peace of mind that you should feel because your roof is in great shape.
  3. Urgent leak threats sealed on the spot ($145 value)
    • If you have any spots on your roof that are currently leaking or could start leaking at any time, we will seal them up with a high quality silicone to stop leaks dead in their tracks. These repairs will last for about a month to give you time to hire the contractor of your choice without feeling rushed.
  4. New Heights Roofing Service Certificate
    • You’ll receive a certificate worth $250 from our company for any service items that need to be done. This will cover most simple repairs or roof cleanings to keep your home in great shape. Plus, if you need a roof replacement we’ll double it to give you $500 off your new roof.

This whole package is worth $1,015.00 (if you need a reroof), but we offer it for just $297.

Basically, if you need repairs or a roof cleaning (like most of our clients do) you end up paying just $47 for the entire Roof Performance Audit. If you need a new roof, you get paid $203 for us to come to look at your roof system!

Plus, as a bonus, we are running an internet special for anyone living in Coeur d’Alene.

Tell us you found this page on our website and we’ll knock $100 off our retail price.

You’ll get our entire Roof Performance Audit for just $197.

Call (208) 487-6617 right now to get scheduled in.

We only have 1 inspector so our available slots fill up fast, plus depending on his work load we may pull this internet special at any time.  So please call quick to be sure you get the $100 off.