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New Heights Roofing provides professional roofing in Spokane Valley to help you with all your roof top needs. We only use the highest quality roofing products available in Spokane Valley and install every roof with care.

Spokane Valley Roofing Company

Though we are based out of Post Falls, we do a large majority of our roofing work in Spokane Valley. We are focused on serving the community and building a solid reputation to earn your business for life. We’ve been serving the Spokane Valley area for 7 years.

Our #1 priority is protecting your home while we complete your roof project. If you need to tear off your roof (roof replacement), it’s very important to protect the home and surrounding areas with lots of tarps to prevent any damage from occurring. We remove 2-4 tons of roofing material from the roof of the average home, depending on how many layers it has and what type of material it is. Removing that much material from your roof can cause damage to siding, windows, screens, and other personal property around your home if it’s not protected properly.

Highest Quality Roofers In Spokane Valley

Our focus is on the quality of installation, not speed. Taking shortcuts can cause roofers to make mistakes or forget to do important things on your roof. Since even a small mistake can cause $100’s or $1000’s in interior home repairs, we take our time to make sure your roof is installed right the first time. We know our customers would rather have their roof last for a long time (with no leaks or blow-offs) rather than for us to complete the job a day or two faster.

The time and quality we put into our installations, coupled with the high-quality materials that we use, allow us to offer long “peace of mind” warranties on all our installs. We guarantee you’ll never have a problem with your roof, and if you do, we’ll be there to get it fixed immediately.

To schedule a free Spokane Valley roof consultation, please call (208) 487-6617 today to get all your questions answered.