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This Post Falls home was having issues with 3-tab shingles blowing off every time there were high winds in the area. The homeowners decided to go with a complete tear-off (which we always recommend) so we could get down to the roof decking to be sure there was no water damage or rotting wood. The decking was solid with no damage at all despite having some shingles blow-off in the past.

Next, we installed 2 rows of CertainTeed WinterGuard (a high-quality ice shield) around all the eaves, in the two valleys, and around every pipe flashing. We use a lot of WinterGuard to ensure there will never be any leaks from ice dams or in the roof’s most vulnerable areas.  The rest of the roof was covered in CertainTeed DiamondDeck, a synthetic underlayment that will never wrinkle or shrink and is nearly impossible to tear, unlike traditional felt paper.

Ventilation is a very important part of the roof system, and to bring this roof up to code we had to cut in three additional vents, two in the garage which had none before, and one in the main house. This will ensure the hot air in the attic escapes, keeping the home cooler in the summer and helping prevent problems like ice dams in the winter. It also will vent out any moisture that could potentially cause mold, mildew, and rotting to occur.

After the underlayment, we installed a 2″x2″ drip edge metal on all the eaves and ‘D’ style metal up the rakes to protect the fascia board. Then CertainTeed Swift Start shingle was fastened around the whole perimeter to upgrade the wind warranty on the new roof. Finally, CertainTeed Landmark shingle was installed with Shadow Ridge cap on all the hips and ridges. The color used was Mountain Timber. This roof is covered by CertainTeed’s limited lifetime warranty, as well as New Heights Roofing’s 10-year workmanship warranty.