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Roof Replacement - Riverside Harbor Dr, Post Falls, ID - Malarkey Highlander in Natural Wood with Ridge Vent

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One of our spring projects was a roof replacement for Bill in beautiful Post Falls, ID. The roof had reached the end of its life and needed a full tear-off to make way for a new Malarkey Highlander shingle roof in Natural Wood color. Bill had noticed some rotten fascia, but he decided to replace it himself. Our team made sure to take plenty of pictures before, during, and after the project to help Bill and his wife Kim with their insurance claim.

The work began on Riverside Harbor Dr with the complete removal of one layer of old shingles. We then prepped the plywood deck and installed a high-quality, synthetic felt underlayment along with an ice shield in all valleys. Our crew also replaced some of the rotten wood we found while prepping the deck.

The new Malarkey Highlander shingles were installed using six nails instead of the standard four for added durability. Our team made sure to replace all flashings and used brown drip edge and flashing to match the overall look of the home. We also installed a LOR9-4 Ridge Vent ventilation system to improve airflow in the attic space.

During the roof replacement process, we installed a total of 31 squares of shingles, and the roof's average pitch was 6/12. The project included some additional features such as High Profile EZ Ridge and Permanent Anchors, which are hidden and can be used for future maintenance without damaging the roof.

The final touch was the installation of Malarkey RidgeFlex and Malarkey SmartStart Starter to ensure a smooth, professional finish. The result was a stunning Malarkey Highlander shingle roof in Natural Wood color that not only protects Bill's home but also enhances its curb appeal.

Despite some windy and rainy weather, our team managed to complete the project on time, leaving Bill with a great looking, high-quality roof that will last for years to come. We are proud of the work we've done on Riverside Harbor Dr and thankful for the opportunity to help Bill and his family with their roofing needs.