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Roof Replacement - Greenfield Ct, Nine Mile Falls, WA - Malarkey Highlander in Silverwood with L750 Roof Vents

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Sherry on a roof replacement project at her lovely home on Greenfield Ct in Nine Mile Falls, WA. The existing roof needed replacement due to normal wear and tear and our team was excited to get to work.

To start, we took great care in protecting the home and surrounding property. We then proceeded to tear off the old shingles, making sure to remove all existing layers. With the old shingles removed, our team prepared the plywood deck for the new roof installation.

Our skilled crew installed high-quality, generic synthetic felt underlayment and leak-protector ice shield to provide extra protection against the elements. We then began the shingle installation using Malarkey Highlander shingles in a stunning Silverwood color, securing each shingle with six nails instead of the standard four to ensure a strong and long-lasting result.

We replaced all flashings on the roof, and installed new D-style drip metal and step flashing to further protect the home from potential water intrusion. Our team also installed a total of eight L750 roof vents, ensuring proper attic ventilation for the home.

During the project, we encountered a pitch transition on the roof, which our experienced team handled with ease. In addition, we replaced two painted pipe flashings and installed permanent anchors along the roof's edge for future access and safety.

We finished the job by installing Malarkey RidgeFlex ridge cap and Malarkey SmartStart starter shingles, providing a clean and polished appearance to the roof. The final result was approximately 19 squares of beautiful Malarkey Highlander shingles, giving Sherry's home a fresh, updated look.

This roof was a 4/12 pitch, and our team took great care in ensuring the best possible result for Sherry. We're proud to have provided her with a top-quality roof replacement, complete with L750 roof vents and permanent anchors, which will serve her well for many years to come.