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North Idaho Roofer Reveals Insider Information That Contractors Use To Take Advantage Of Homeowners

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KOOTENAI COUNTY – Every year hundreds of homeowners get frustrated by their roofing contractors. It happens so much that there are entire websites dedicated to consumer’s complaints about the roofers they hired.

The most common complaint is that their roofer made “mistakes” on the estimate, and the job ended up costing far more than they first agreed to.

Here’s why it happens…

The #1 job of a roofing estimator is to sell roofs. Most companies give free estimates, so they need to win as many of those jobs as possible to avoid losing money.

That means when you call a roofer out to your home, he’s going to do everything in his power to get you to buy a new roof from him.

This leads many companies to give as low of a price as possible to make it easy for you to choose them.

But many times this means leaving things out of his bid that must be done to complete the job right – fixing bad plywood, replacing old rusty flashings, not skimping on materials, etc.

This allows them to keep the price low and win the job, then come back and charge you more for the “extra” work that will inevitably need to get done.

Or worse, they won’t raise the price and will cut corners and do a cruddy job, leaving you with a mess to deal with in 5 years.

The best way to avoid getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors is to read the 2015 Guide to Roof Pricing in the Inland Northwest. In this guide you’ll discover…

  • A simple formula to calculate how much your new roof will cost – without having to call a roofer!
  • What to look for in a legit bid – so you don’t get fooled by that “good deal” that turns sour in the end.
  • Where contractors could hide those “extra” charges on your project – before you sign the contract!
  • Why bids can vary so much in price – often by thousands of dollars…
  • And much more.

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