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4 Layer Tear-Off, Resheet, Roof Replacement

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This was a big project for being a smaller home.


This roof had 3 and 4 layers on it. On the back side (above) you can see the two different colors of shingles. This is where a guy that said he was a roofer attempted to “patch” it, which didn’t really solve anything. When it was roofed it was done totally wrong so there was water coming into the home in multiple places. The dormers (2 on each side) were all flashed with very small metal and in some spots the flashing wasn’t even behind the siding. Water was running down the siding, behind the flashing, and into the home.

The picture below shows how the dormers were roofed. They used a 3″ piece of metal in the valleys instead of a wider valley metal that would actually protect the area.

There was shingles over top of wood shakes, with spaced slats below. Since there wasn’t a solid deck we had to install all new plywood over the top of the slats.

After everything the roof turned out really good. The new plywood made the surface nice and flat, as well as secure. New flashing around the dormers and in the valleys will ensure there’s never anymore leaks.