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Roof Replacement – Coeur D’Alene, ID – Certainteed Moire Black

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This roof was on it’s last legs, but thankfully hadn’t started leaking yet. There was some pretty heavy moss growing on it as well as a tree in the back that was severely overgrown, resulting in 3-5 inches of debris piled up on the roof underneath it.


Here are some pictures of the roof from the ground before we got started.


We cut the tree back and tore off everything, as you can see in the picture below there was some plywood that was warped so we had to replace the worst pieces to be sure the roof would last and look good.

We installed the underlayments then got busy roofing.

The owner decided to add on a covered porch to the front of the house. Since we were doing the roof this was definitely the best time to undertake the project. Here’s what it looks like with the roof all finished up. He also had a new deck installed and a new sliding door was being put in during the picture below. It hadn’t come yet so the hole had to be covered with plywood.