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Certainteed Resawn Shake – 1 Layer Tear Off

This roof had an old layer of 3-tab on it that was blowing off and had moss growing on it (on the backside).

The first step is covering the ground and walls with lots of tarps to protect the siding & windows as well as catch all the debris and staples that fall off the roof.

After all the existing shingles and felt paper were torn off the tarps could come down. Then a thorough deck inspection was done to find any damaged sheathing that needed replaced. On this home 10 sheets total had to be replaced.

Next the felt paper. On the bottom is 1 1/2 rows of Winterguard Ice Shield to protect against ice dams. On the rest of the roof is synthetic felt paper, which is much tougher and protects better than standard organic felt paper. The reason for the two colors is two different brands were used.

Then the roofing was installed according to strict manufacturer specifications. Everything is done so the manufacturer warranty remains in full effect.

Finally the ridgevent and ridgecap was installed. Whenever ridgevent is used, long nails (minimum 2 1/2″) must be used to install the ridgecap. Anything shorter (like the 1 3/4″ that fits in a nail gun) will not penetrate the decking enough to hold well. This can result in blow-offs in the future. Hand nailing with nice long nails ensures this won’t happen.

After everything is complete a final inspection and walk around with the homeowner is done to ensure everything is installed right, cleaned up well, and our client is thrilled with the way it looks.