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Reroof – Hayden, ID – Landmark PRO Burnt Sienna

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The owner of this home wasn’t sure if it needed a new roof so he had me go check it out. The pipe flashings were cracked and falling apart, letting water into the attic whenever it rained.

The shingles were getting old and starting to blow off, so he decided to play it safe and replace the roof before any further damage happened. This is what the home looked like before. It was roofed with 3-tab which is very common.

He decided to go with a similar color, in the Landmark Pro architectural style: Burnt Sienna. It gave the home more depth and will last much longer than the previous roof did. We used lead pipe flashings, which can’t crack like the common rubber flashings. They were painted the color of the roof so as you can see there’s not a glaring silver piece of metal with a black pipe up there. He also wanted open valleys so we used a painted ‘W’ valley metal in all the valleys.