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Reroof – Spokane Valley, WA – 2 Layer Tear Off – Resawn Shake

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This home will be up for sale in the next year so they were debating on whether or not to do the roof. The shingles were cracking and beginning to show some signs of wear so a home inspector would probably make them adjust the price when they did go to sell it. They decided to go ahead and do it since the new roof would attract more buyers as well.

This project was a 2 layer tear off. When we got the 2 layers off it revealed some plywood that was de-laminating, meaning the layers were coming apart. The chimney had also been leaking for a long time due to a poorly done flashing job. We replaced all the damaged plywood then started the installation of the new roof.


We installed CertainTeed Landmark Resawn Shake which complements the new colors and the brick very well. As you can see from the picture on top of the roof there’s a slight dip where the garage was added on to the home. Since it wasn’t a weak point we were able to roof over it no problem. We installed a 2-piece lead flashing around the weatherhead (pipe with the wires attached). This will ensure this weak point never leaks and is a great solution for this type of obstacle.