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Gutter covers are a great solution for Spokane Valley residents that are tired of cleaning their gutters several times per year. If your home is surrounded by trees then there’s a good chance you’re at risk of clogged gutters and possible damage could ensue. If your gutters clog and fill up with water the weight can pull them away from your house and even off your home, causing injury or damage to whatever is below it.

A high quality gutter protection system like Mastershield can solve this problem permanently. You won’t ever have to clean your gutters again – it’s even guaranteed.

Mastershield gutter covers are made with a stainless steel micro mesh that is so small it won’t even let roofing granules through. Using patented HydroVortex technology, these gutter guards actually suck the water in, making them able to handle our biggest rain storms and even self-clean. This keeps your gutters clean and flowing so the water gets diverted away from the foundation of your house like it’s supposed to.

Call (208) 487-6617 for a free in-home demonstration of these state-of-the-art gutter covers.

There are many types of gutter guards out there on the market today. Sadly, most do not live up to the hype. Like everything we do at New Heights Roofing, I want to be able to stand behind the products & services we offer 100%, which is why I put a ton of time and research into figuring out which gutter guard to offer. I can say without a doubt that I’ve found the best gutter protection system in Mastershield.

Mastershield is the exclusive owner of 6 different patents, leading the way in gutter protection technology. They have features and benefits that just aren’t offered by the competition. Some of these are:

  • HydroVortex technology – Creates a siphoning force that can pull lots of water into the gutter through Mastershield at any pitch, even vertical! (it’s very important for your gutter cover to be pitched with the roof, not flat)
  • Self-Cleaning Micro Mesh – The stainless steel micro mesh has holes so small that not even sand can get through. It actually pulls water through making it self-cleaning so it won’t plug from the oils from your asphalt roof.
  • Built-in Drip Edge – Mastershield gutter covers have a 1″ drip edge that keeps the rain and dirt off your gutters to avoid the “tiger-striping” effect that water leaves behind when it runs down the face of your gutters.
  • No Birds, Bees or Pests – These gutter guards are a completely closed system, making it impossible for birds, bees or other pests to build nests inside.
  • Approved by GAF – Approved by one of the largest roofing manufacturers in America (GAF) not to void roof warranty.
  • SPX 5000 Finish – Paint is guaranteed not to crack or peel for 20 years, ensuring your gutter guards look great for a very long time.
  • Leaf Release – Raised steps on the stainless steel micro filter promote airflow. Leaves and other organic particles quickly dry and blow away.
  • Low Profile Design – Installs under the first row of shingles, you’ll hardly even know they’re there.
  • Large Surface Area – Allows much more water in than reverse-curve systems.
  • Dual I-Beam Aluminum Construction – Eliminates special brackets while providing outstanding strength and flexibility.
  • Keep Your Existing Gutters – Mastershield gutter covers are installed onto your existing gutters. This keeps costs lower than all-in-one gutter covers.
  • 14 Colors to Choose From – Comes in 14 different colors to match your existing gutters, copper is available as well.
  • Unrivaled Warranty – If your gutter ever clogs again, Mastershield will refund the cost of the product on the entire installation. If a clog results in damage claimable against your homeowner’s policy, they will refund your insurance deductible, up to $1,500.

These are a few of the reasons I decided to offer Mastershield gutter covers to my customers. They make a great product and stand behind it.

We are now offering Mastershield gutter guards in the Spokane Valley and surrounding areas (Liberty Lake, Spokane, Otis Orchards, etc.) Give us a call to see how Mastershield can take unwanted stress and hassle out of your life today. We are a Post Falls roofing company ready to help you with all your rooftop needs.

Call (208) 487-6617 to get an in-home demonstration of Mastershield gutter guards.